Who Benefits More from Wireless Tank Monitoring?

Written By: on January 17, 2022

Wireless Propane Tank Monitors Are a Win-Win for Both Homeowners and Suppliers!

propane monitor arizonaHave you heard about Superior Propane’s wireless propane tank monitoring? It’s a truly great service you should take advantage of! It works like this: We attach a small monitor directly to your propane tank, and it informs us—in real-time—precisely how much propane is in your tank. And as soon as the tank gauge reaches a set level, both Superior Propane Inc.—and you—are notified. If you’re on automatic delivery, we’ll then immediately schedule a delivery. For our Will-Call customers, you’ll know exactly when to make a propane delivery request!

All that seems great, right? You might be wondering not only if it benefits us, but what’s in it for you.

Wireless propane tank monitoring is a win-win for both customers and Superior Propane Inc. because it ensures the security of your propane supply and allows us to do our job more efficiently.

How Does Wireless Monitoring Benefit Customers?

How Does Wireless Monitoring Benefit Superior Propane, Inc.?

Wireless propane tank monitoring makes good business sense for us too! Here’s how:

Increased Efficiency. Because we know exactly when you need propane, we aren’t making unneeded deliveries. You’ll only receive propane when it’s really required.

Increased Service Capacity. We’re able to supply propane to more consumers each day because wireless propane tank monitoring streamlines our propane delivery process. It also increases our responsiveness in the event of customers needing an emergency propane delivery.

Get the peace of mind that comes from precise management of your propane supply. Contact Superior Propane Inc. today to enroll in wireless propane tank monitoring!