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Propane vs. Electricity

Why propane from Superior is the winning choice

tanklessIf you’ve been using electricity to power your home appliances, like heating systems, water heaters, ranges and cooktops, you could be in for a shock (pun intended).

Why? Because you could be saving a whole lot of money by unplugging from electric appliances and switching to propane appliances!

When you compare the cost of electricity and propane, you’ll discover that propane wins hands down just about every time.

Propane vs. Electric Heat

It can get pretty chilly on winter nights here in northern Arizona. In December, the average low temperature dips below 17°. In weather like that, you want to keep your home toasty warm and comfortable.

Propane can do that! Whether you’re using it for whole-house heating or space heating, propane gets your home warm more efficiently than electricity, which means you use less energy and have lower energy bills.

Propane water heaters cost about 30% less to operate than electric water heaters. That number soars to 80% if you convert to a propane tankless water heater, and propane water heaters produce twice as much hot water as electric water heaters in the same amount of time, which means less waiting between showers. If you get a propane tankless water heater, there’s no waiting, because you get endless hot water, on demand!

Cooking with propane is a winner too. Propane ranges, cooktops and ovens cost much less to operate than electric ranges, cooktops and ovens, and propane gives you something electricity never will: precise and instant temperature control.

Propane clothes dryers make doing the laundry easier. Your laundry gets dry 25% faster than with electric clothes dryers, and you get fewer wrinkles!

Enjoy the benefits of propane in your northern Arizona home. Become a Superior Propane customer today!