Propane Autogas Services in Northern Arizona

Superior can fuel your Autogas-powered fleet!

autogasWhen your business needs fleet vehicles to get work done, sometimes it may seem as though keeping those vehicles fueled is a full-time job all by itself.

You can make that part of your business easier when you fuel your fleet vehicles with propane autogas from Superior Propane!

Autogas is a great choice for businesses, school districts and municipalities, because it saves money and is better for the northern Arizona environment. Just about any type of fleet vehicle can run on propane gas. That includes:

We’re already seeing autogas more and more here in northern Arizona. Buses that take people to and from California are using autogas, as are more tourists visiting places like Flagstaff, Sedona and Williams.

Propane autogas offers several advantages. It creates much lower emissions and saves money, because vehicles need less maintenance and have a longer engine life.

School districts all over the state are converting their school-bus fleets to autogas, because it costs less per gallon than diesel or gasoline—and that’s not even taking possible rebates, incentives and grants into account. Maintenance on buses powered by autogas is easier and less expensive, and autogas school buses burn cleaner than diesel-powered school buses.

On-site autogas filling stations for your local business!

Superior Propane can set up autogas propane tanks and an autogas filling station at your business. Not only are these filling stations reasonably priced, they’re easy to use. If you can pump gasoline into a car’s gas tank, you can pump propane autogas, because it works similarly.

There is, however, one big difference. There’s no environmental damage if you leak autogas. It just dissipates into the air, and doesn’t hurt the air, the soil or the water around it, and you don’t have to deal with time-consuming and expensive cleanups.

An autogas filling station also makes managing your fuel costs easier. You can track your fleet’s fuel usage and not have to deal with all those reimbursement forms and receipts from gas stations. You and your employees can put that saved time to use on work that generates income for your business.

Contact Superior Propane to learn more about propane autogas and how we can help your business save time and money!