Why Does Propane Have A Blue Flame?

Written By: on December 19, 2022

Learn What Different Color Flames Mean in Propane Appliances

propane appliances arizona Propane is one of the most efficient and versatile fuels around. Having a propane tank on your property means that you can reliably power your home’s heating and hot water systems, as well as a host of other appliances, including:

Those are just a few amenities you can enjoy when you choose propane as your home fuel!

Now, when you turn on a propane-fired product with an open flame, you should notice that the flame is blue. This is a sign that the appliance is working correctly. The color of your propane flame can inform you if there’s a safety issue in your home.

Why Propane Burns Blue

Before combustion, propane is naturally colorless. However, once propane starts burning, it emits a different color than burning wood or oil. With the correct ratio of propane and oxygen, the molecules in the flame will ionize and turn blue.

So, seeing a blue flame indicates that your propane is burning at maximum heat and efficiency. It means you aren’t wasting any of your fuel.

What if I See a Yellow or Orange Flame?

An orange or yellow propane flame indicates that the fuel producing the flame is not burning completely. This could be because of an equipment malfunction or an obstruction in your burner. In propane ranges and grills, for example, the culprit is often grease or bits of food blocking burner ports.

When your propane flame isn’t blue, you are likely losing significant heating capacity during combustion. Consider this:

That means you’re enjoying only half the heat for the same amount of propane. When talking about a cooking appliance, you can expect meals to take longer to prepare. That’s aggravating, to be sure. But when you consider the same inefficiency in a furnace, boiler or water heater, the result is a ballooning monthly energy expense.

There are also safety issues associated with discolored propane flames. If your fuel isn’t burning completely, you risk carbon monoxide buildup. It’s crucial that you call a service technician to inspect your appliance.

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