What Is Propane Autogas?

Written By: on June 19, 2023

A cleaner, more affordable way to fuel trucks, vans, buses, and more!

propane fleet flagstaff, az Did you know that the largest source of carbon emissions in the U.S. is? According to the Environmental Protection Agency, it’s transportation.
Any discussion about reducing our country’s greenhouse gas emissions must involve the vehicles we use to transport goods and people. We’re pretty confident that you’ve heard about electric cars, but you may not be aware of another emissions-lowering transportation fuel powering vehicles on American roadways: propane autogas.

What is propane autogas?

Today, propane is the third most common engine fuel in the United States, according to the Alternative Fuels Data Center. The AFDC estimates that roughly 60,000 propane vehicles are currently on the road in the U.S. Propane can be stored in an autogas vehicle’s tank under pressure (just like the propane in your home’s tank) and released into an autogas engine for combustion. Some vehicles powered by autogas include:

Is propane autogas good for the environment?

Propane autogas offers fantastic advantages over diesel and gasoline, both in terms of pollution reduction and improving air quality for drivers and pedestrians. Consider these facts:

How affordable is propane autogas?

Beyond its significant environmental benefits, propane autogas can also reduce the fuel budget for your vehicle fleet. Even accounting for conversion costs and propane’s slighter lower fuel economy compared to gasoline and diesel, its lower cost per gallon quickly offsets any upfront expenses. Propane is almost entirely U.S.-made, making it less vulnerable to global energy markets. And if you choose to finance your equipment conversion, you’ll experience immediate savings.

Additionally, autogas vehicles run cleaner than gas and diesel engines, which reduces wear and tear, prevents breakdowns and extends the engine’s lifespan. This will further lower the costs associated with your fleet of vehicles.

Superior Propane is northern Arizona’s go-to autogas supplier.

In Flagstaff, Williams, Prescott, Sedona and many other cities and towns, commercial and municipal vehicle fleets are turning to Superior Propane for their propane autogas.

Superior Propane installs autogas propane tanks and filling stations. These stations are intuitive to use, so your drivers should have no problem refilling their tanks. They’re also cleaner and safer since any lost fuel dissipates into the air instead of pooling on the ground. And once we get your autogas tank set up, we’ll provide you with dependable bulk propane delivery when you need it.

Reach out to the Superior Propane team today to set up your autogas fueling station. We’re ready to get your propane vehicles rolling.