Is Pre-Buy the Right Option for Your Propane Needs?

Written By: on August 9, 2021

Superior Propane Offers Choices for You To Control Your Propane Costs!

propane pricing arizonaMany of us here in Northern Arizona are looking for ways to make life easier and our necessary tasks as simple and stress-free as possible.

Superior Propane can assist with exactly that by helping to manage your home’s propane costs this season! Our Pre-Buy plan is one of our most popular ways to do that. With Pre-Buy, you purchase your propane gallons for the upcoming heating season now. We deliver it as you need it from October through March!

Enrollment is only for a limited time, ending September 30. A minimum 100-gallon purchase is required, and our locked-in price is $2.899 per gallon!

Signing up now, when prices are traditionally low, protects you from potential propane price spikes during the winter heating season. That can save you a lot of money!

Your price-per-gallon for your propane supply fixed at the time of purchase regardless of how the market changes. If the winter is colder than usual and you need more propane before spring, we’ll deliver it at our fair and transparent market price.

What Can Affect Propane Pricing?

Supply and Demand. Propane is a commodity. As such, its price fluctuates based on need. If winter is both harsh and long, prices will most certainly go up. Production and inventory levels and seasonality will also affect pricing. That’s why locking in your propane costs in the summer, when propane prices are traditionally lower than during winter, is a potentially big money-saver.

Weather. A cold winter doesn’t just impact propane pricing in terms of supply and demand. Bad winter weather can also impact propane production and transport, which can drive up pricing alongside it.

Crude Oil and Natural Gas Production. About 55% of the U.S. propane supply is derived from natural gas production. The remaining 45% comes from petroleum production. The supply and pricing of propane is influenced by the state of these fuels—in particular, crude oil. Historically, propane prices have correlated more closely with those of crude oil.

Have questions about our Pre-Buy plan and our other available payment options? Get in touch with us today. We’ll be happy to see what works best for you!