When To Replace Your Propane Water Heater

Written By: on September 5, 2022

Understanding the Costs & Expenses of A Hot Water System Upgrade

water heaters arizonaOn average, a tank water heater lasts between eight and 12 years. Of course, as time goes on, it starts to lose efficiency. That means shorter showers and longer waits while your tap warms up. Unfortunately, an older, inefficient water heater also means you’re likely using too much energy for not enough hot water.

If your water heater is getting up in years and showing its age, it’s a good idea to be proactive in replacing it. You could end up without hot water while we secure a replacement appliance if your current system breaks down. In an age of stubborn supply chain woes, any home comfort equipment can take time to arrive.

Here are some warning signs that your water heater is nearing retirement:

While a new water heater is less expensive than, say, a boiler or furnace, it can nonetheless run to more than $2,000. Here are some things to bear in mind when planning to replace your water heater.

How Old is Your Current Water Heater?

Hot water comprises roughly 18 percent of an average home’s energy usage. If you have an old, poorly functioning water heater, you’re likely using a lot more fuel than necessary to take showers, wash clothes and scrub dishes. While a new water heater might be pricy, you’ll start making back the cost of your new appliance with lowered energy costs.

If your old water heater is electric, it also makes sense to switch to propane. Propane water heaters cost up to 30 percent less to run than electric models! That benefit is even higher with a tankless model, which begs the question …

…Is It Time to Go Tankless?

More and more northern Arizona families are choosing to install propane tankless water heater systems. Tankless water heaters use a powerful propane flame to heat water when a sensor tells them that a hot water tap has opened. When you close a faucet, the flame goes out.

How does this save you money on energy? A water heater tank holds up to 120 gallons; this water is heated even if you’re not in the shower or running a load of laundry. This standby heat loss wastes a lot of fuel, but it’s eliminated with a tankless model. Instead, you get virtually unlimited hot water exactly when you need it!

Consumer Reports crunched the numbers and determined that propane tankless water heaters are roughly 22 percent more efficient than tank models.

How Much Can You Save On Water Heater Installation?

Are you concerned about the upfront cost of upgrading your water heater? At Superior Propane, we understand and want to help you minimize that expense. We will help you qualify for all applicable rebates from the Arizona Propane Gas Association and leading water heater manufacturers like Rinnai.

These rebates are subject to change and limited by availability, but they have the potential to save you hundreds of dollars on your new appliance! Contact our team of propane and home water heating experts for a no-fee estimate or more information.