How Propane Can Transform Your Commercial Fleet

Written By: on September 13, 2021

Superior Propane Inc. can fuel your commercial success!

propane fleet conversion arizona

How do you feel about managing the fuel supply and expenses for the fleet vehicles for your Northern Arizona business?

If you use gasoline or diesel, you are likely swamped in paperwork, receipts, and worried about things like inefficiency and fuel theft.

Superior Propane Inc. has a solution that works for your bottom line in several ways—it’s called Propane autogas! We supply a wide range of commercial propane services and apply our knowledge and experience to our autogas services. Because we are locally owned and operated, we provide fast, courteous, and responsive service in a way that those big national companies simply can’t.

We’ll start with setting up an autogas filling station right at your business location, then, work with you to come up with an autogas delivery schedule that fits your needs—and ensures your fleet will always have the autogas it needs to run.

Why is Autogas the Right Choice for My Business?

When your commercial vehicles run on autogas from Superior Propane Inc., you get a return on your investment from day one.

When you compare autogas vehicles to their diesel or gasoline counterparts, it’s evident that they last longer—all while, on average, requiring less maintenance and fewer repairs. This helps dramatically cut the costs related to your business’s vehicles.

PLUS—If you convert your gasoline or diesel vehicles to autogas, you may be eligible for a tax break and other incentives!

The Convenience of Filling Stations

An autogas filling station improves your company’s efficiency. All your vehicles are filled on-site, with no time wasted looking for an out-of-the-way fueling station. The autogas pump is even comparable to a normal gasoline or diesel pump in appearance and simplicity of use!

Autogas makes it simple and more efficient to track and manage your vehicles’ fuel expenses as well. Drivers don’t have submit receipts or use a company credit card, and staff do not have to record all those receipts and bills. Your Superior Propane Inc. statement displays all your fuel expenses, making it easy to track. Also, because autogas nearly eliminates potential fuel theft, you’ll save money there as well!

Additionally, you get a competitive edge with customers and potential customers who value environmental friendliness. How so? Because autogas is clean burning! When it comes to the environment, autogas is far and away better than gasoline or diesel. Autogas produces 12% less carbon dioxide, 20% fewer nitrogen oxide, and up to 60% lower levels of carbon monoxide than gasoline or diesel.

Get started on growing your business with the power of propane. Contact the commercial propane experts at Superior Propane Inc. today!