Do Propane Tank Monitors Prevent Runouts?

Written By: on January 4, 2023

Anova Tank Monitors Provide Maximum Peace of Mind

propane tank monitor arizona With nighttime temperatures well below freezing, this time of year can be frigid in Flagstaff, Williams, Prescott, and other communities in Northern Arizona. With temperatures that cold, it’s never fun having to run outside in winter to check the gauge on your propane tank.

Of course, it’s even more unpleasant to suddenly lose heat and hot water in your household because you ran out of fuel entirely. You’ll need to schedule an emergency propane delivery, and our team must perform a safety check before restarting your propane systems and appliances.

It’s a heck of a mess for all involved.

However, we have a solution to provide total confidence that you won’t run out: Our wireless propane tank monitoring services from Anova!

How Do Wireless Propane Tank Monitors Work?

We can attach an Anova wireless tank monitor directly to your propane tank. In fact, the process is typically completed in a matter of minutes. This monitor uses both wireless and cellular technology to transmit real-time data about how much fuel is in your tank.

The team at Superior Propane Inc. keeps track of this data in real-time…and so can you right through a convenient mobile app! If you’re one of our “Keep Full” automatic delivery customers, we can schedule a propane delivery for you at the exact moment you need one!

If you’re a Will-Call customer, you can also enjoy substantial benefits from tank monitoring.

Access to Real-Time Information Right at Your Fingertips!

Going outside to check a propane tank gauge during the frostiest days of winter is more than just aggravating. It can be downright hazardous to your health.

With a wireless tank monitor, you can check your propane levels anywhere and anytime with our FREE mobile app. Whether you’re on your couch or hundreds of miles away, you’ll know exactly how much fuel you have.

For Will-Call customers, you’ll never have a sinking feeling that comes with running out. You can receive an alert when your propane tank reaches a set level. Then, all you have to do is contact us the schedule a delivery!

Tank Monitoring is Perfect for People Often Away from Home

Honestly, every single customer can benefit from propane tank monitoring. But it’s especially helpful for people in the following circumstances:

Do you have multiple propane tanks to track? Don’t worry. Our wireless tank monitoring app can consolidate several tanks on a single interface!

Superior Propane Inc. Can Set You Up with Tank Monitoring Today!

There’s no need to worry about unexpected propane runouts. Enrolling in wireless propane tank monitoring will give you a powerful tool to ensure you always know how much propane you have left.

If you want us to install a tank monitor for you, just contact the Superior Propane Inc. team today. We’re ready to help.