Make The Switch to Superior: It’s Hassle-free!

Written By: on July 6, 2020

Enjoy the benefits of propane with truly Superior service!

switching to propane arizonaMore and more of your neighbors here in northern Arizona are discovering all of the great things propane can do. Have you looked into propane for your home? If not, here is a quick snippet of the many ways propane and propane appliances make life in your home better:

And, you can enjoy all of this no matter where you live! You’re not dependent on an electric or natural gas utility. With propane, you can have the safety and comfort it provides while living off the grid.

Trust Superior Propane for your switch to propane

If you want to convert your home to use propane, Superior Propane, Inc. is your one-stop shop! Our Hassle-free Switch makes it easy. We have decades of industry experience spanning four generations of our family, so we can easily guide you through the process, while making sure you understand and feel comfortable with everything inside and out. Here’s what you get with the Hassle-free Switch:

Superior Propane Inc. customers enjoy outstanding service with safe, reliable propane delivery, payment options tailored to your needs, prompt and courteous customer service, and a 10¢-per-gallon discount when you enroll in our Keep Full automatic delivery program!

Make the hassle-free switch — become a Superior Propane Inc. customer and enjoy the best propane delivery and service to your home or business in Northern Arizona.