Superior Propane Vs. COD Companies: No Comparison!

Written By: on September 7, 2020

Get great prices AND great service with Superior Propane

superior propane arizonaHere in northern Arizona, you may see COD propane companies promoting their cheap prices for propane. But once you’re lured in by that, you realize just what you’re getting, which isn’t all that great. Sure, the price may seem nice on paper, but is that really enough?

Look closer, and you’ll see the top choice for your propane delivery and service undoubtedly a full-service provider like Superior Propane, Inc.!


Many of these COD companies are fly-by-night, here today and gone tomorrow. Will they even still be in business the next time you need a propane delivery? That’s not a sure thing. Are you willing to risk a runout for those cheap prices? Superior Propane has been around for four generations. We’ll be there for you when these COD propane delivery companies are long gone, catering specifically to your home or business needs – not just asking you for cash on arrival.

Control of your propane costs

With COD companies, you have exactly ONE option for managing your propane costs: Payment upfront, on delivery. But with Superior Propane Inc., you have far more convenient options to put you back in control! Our payment options include our Budget Plan, which lets you spread your propane costs over 12 even, easy-to-handle monthly payments, as well as our Pre-Pay Plan , where you purchase your propane in the summer when prices tend to be lower, so you’re protected from any price spikes that may happen over the winter season. And because we have a reliable supply of propane, you can be assured that the propane you purchase with Pre-Buy will be there for you. Can you be sure about that with these COD companies? Probably not.

Service, service, and more service

A lot of these propane COD companies are one-man, or one-family, operations. That’s why they promote their propane prices. They can’t offer much, if anything, else! But Superior Propane Inc. can not only give you a great price for your propane, but we can also back it up with great service. First up is our reliable, safe propane delivery, which includes our Automatic Delivery that gives you peace of mind you’ll always have the propane your home needs. We also offer propane tanks, and assistance with buying and installing propane appliances. And when you need us, we’re there with 24/7 emergency propane delivery, 365 days a week.

The knowledge and experience we bring is something simply no discounter can match! Become a Superior Propane customer and enjoy reliable, courteous service at a fair price all year ‘round.