Propane Safety Tips for the Summer

Written By: on June 6, 2022

Stay Safe During Warm Weather Fun

propane tank exchange arizonaWhether you’re heating your pool, firing up your grill, or lighting the fire pit after the sun goes down—countless hours of summer fun can be powered by propane!

However you enjoy the summer in northern Arizona, it’s important to be safe, especially when using a gas-fired appliance. The pros at Superior Propane, Inc. have some tips to keep you and your family safe this summer.

Be Prepared in Case of a Propane Leak

With all propane systems, preparation is critical. Ensure that everyone in your home knows how to identify the smell of propane, what they should do if they smell gas, and how to shut off your propane supply from the tank. You should also post emergency contact numbers, including your fuel supplier.

Additionally, it’s crucial to have carbon monoxide detectors on every level of your home and check them monthly.

If you smell gas, follow our Propane Safety instructions.

Keep Your Outdoor Propane Equipment Prepped and Safe

People love breaking out the propane-fired grills, fire pits, lighting, and other outdoor living products during the summer. It’s vital to be safe when using this equipment. Remember: You should NEVER use any of these outdoor propane products inside your home.

You should also follow your manufacturer’s directions for usage and placement. As a rule, grills, outdoor space heaters, and firepits should sit at least three feet from all buildings (or air intakes), plants, and combustible materials. As well, always have a working fire extinguisher nearby.

It’s also essential to keep your propane equipment on level ground and safely braced in the event of a storm or high winds. If your equipment becomes damaged, do not attempt to use it—call a service technician to ensure it’s in safe, working order.

If you’re a frequent griller, clean your equipment regularly. Leftover grease is the number one cause of grill fires. You should also keep everything your need—grilling tools, sauces, plates—nearby, so you don’t leave your lit grill unattended. Finally, be sure to shut down all the grill’s burners and close your propane cylinder valve when you’re finished.

Propane Cylinder Safety

Always store propane cylinders—whether filled or empty—upright, in an open-air environment and clear of open flames and combustion equipment. It’s important to make refilling or exchanging your propane cylinder the last thing you do before going home and transport the cylinder upright with two car windows open. Finally, keep the cylinder snug and make a barrier between it and anything else in your vehicle that might roll around.

Keep an eye on your cylinders for dents or rust. After attaching the tank to your grill, you can do a leak test by spraying it with soapy water and opening the valve. If your see bubbles, there could be a leak.

Additionally, for affordable propane cylinder refills, you can check out one of Superior Propane’s local refill stations! We want to help you ensure that your summer entertainment is safe. Contact us if any of your equipment needs service. We’re always here to help.