Spring Grilling Tips To Prepare For The Season!

Written By: on April 12, 2021

Enjoy Great Food—All Thanks To Your Propane Grill!

grill spring prep arizona

While you may have kept your grill close-by over the chilly winter here in northern Arizona, spring is the perfect time to get your home’s propane grill ready for another great grilling season!

We’ve put together a small to-do list so you can grill easily and safely all year-round. And if you find that your propane grill is on its last legs, we can always help you select a new propane grill with the features you want to kick your grilling game up several notches.

Check Your Propane Supply

No one wants to start grilling only to discover they’re out of propane. Superior Propane makes it easy for you to always have the propane you need for grilling!

You can refill your propane cylinder at any one of our 11 propane refill stations, located all around northern Arizona. Refilling your propane cylinder is quick, easy, and more cost-effective than cylinder exchanges, too!

Give Your Grill A Spring Cleaning

This step is especially important if you haven’t cleaned your grill in a month—or longer.

First, use a dry non-scratch sponge or nylon brush to dry scrub the grates, burners, and inside surfaces. Once you have gotten that layer of food, debris, and dirt off and swept out of the grill, wash everything with dish soap and warm water. Rinse well and dry thoroughly. Don’t forget to clean the grease trap or replace it if needed.

Take a good look at the grates. Are there signs or rust or chipping? Replace them. This is a perfect time to re-season cast iron or metal grates with oil as you would a cast iron pan. This isn’t needed if your grates are ceramic or chromed steel. Use warm, soapy water to clean stainless steel and enameled surfaces. Rinse well and thoroughly dry.

Do A Safety Check

You should check your propane grill regularly to make sure it is operating safely. Here are some things to do:

Check Your Cylinder. Propane cylinders are only certified for 12 years after being manufactured. If your propane cylinder is older than that, it cannot be refilled until it is inspected for safety and recertified by a certified propane dealer.

Leak Test. Coat the hoses, valves, and regulator with soapy water, then turn on the propane cylinder. If you see bubbles, there is a propane leak. Tighten connections and run the test again. If you’re still seeing bubbles, replace the hoses or cylinder.

Evict Spiders or Unwanted Guests. Your grill is a dream location for spiders, because your venturi tubes, which provide the propane gas to the grill burners, are safe and warm. Their presence can create blockages in the tube. Use a bottle brush to clean out the tubes. Reconnect everything, but leave the grates off, and turn on the grill and look for uneven flames or spots where there is no flame. Let the grill cool and use a paper clip to remove blockages in those areas.

Store Your Cylinders Properly. Speaking of safety, don’t forget your propane cylinders. Always store them outdoors—and upright.

Test the Grill. Don’t wait until you have people over before using your grill this spring. Do some easy meals for yourself and your family, paying close attention to how your grill is operating.

From Parks to Prescott, Seligman to Winslow, and everywhere in-between, you can count on Superior Propane to get you safe, timely propane deliveries to keep your home or business fueled.