Safe Handling Tips of Propane Grill Tanks

Written By: on June 3, 2024

How to safely store, transport and use a portable propane cylinder.

grill tank Prescott, AZ In Prescott and all over Northern Arizona, homeowners are taking advantage of warmer, longer days to gather loved ones and neighbors for cookouts. Far and away, the most popular fuel for outdoor grilling is propane.

Propane provides a quick, robust flame that you can precisely adjust with the turn of a knob. Unlike charcoal, a propane flame generates virtually no smoke and leaves no chemical smells or tastes. Propane grills produce less mess than charcoal grills, too.

Arizona grillers also love the convenience of propane cylinders, which are easy to lift, transport and use in a propane grill. Superior Propane has safe propane refilling stations for 20-pound grill tanks across our service area. Our team of propane experts is also here to provide tips for the secure handling of your grill tanks.

Transporting a Propane Grill Tanks

Propane cylinders are fantastically portable, but it’s essential that you practice sensible, safe transporting processes:

Storing your Propane Grill Tank

We are happy to report that portable propane cylinders are designed to stand up to the elements, allowing you to store them outside (which is the only place you should keep a cylinder). Here are some other key grill tank storage tips:

Addressing Old and Worn Propane Grill Tanks

The Department of Transportation mandates regular inspection and requalification for portable propane tanks. Typically, they advise that your tank be requalified 12 years after its manufacture date and every five years after that.

However, if your tank is dented, showing excessive corrosion or otherwise damaged or worn, you should bring it to your propane provider immediately for inspection.
Additionally, you should never attempt to modify or repair valves, regulators or other cylinder or propane appliance parts yourself.

Finally, The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) provides lots of helpful information, including this video on propane cylinder safety.

Grill Tank Refilling from Superior Propane

Running out of fuel for your propane grill can put the breaks on summer fun really fast. Happily, you can keep your grill well-fueled by coming to a Superior Propane cylinder refill station. We refill grill tanks at our Williams office during business hours. We also supply refill stations in Flagstaff, Ash Fork, Parks, Williams and Seligman.

Don’t hesitate to contact the Superior Propane team if you need assistance or guidance for your grill tank.