Is It Cheaper To Refill Or Exchange Propane Tanks?

Written By: on January 21, 2021

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Propane cylinders come in a range of sizes, from the 20-pound cylinders commonly used for BBQ grills to the 30- and 40-pound cylinders used in RVs. Propane cylinders are also used for forklifts and other commercial applications too!

And Superior Propane Inc. makes keeping your propane cylinders full a breeze with our 11 propane refill stations located all around our northern Arizona service area!

Whether you choose to refill your cylinders or exchange them is an individual choice, depending on your needs and priorities. That choice is boiled down to convenience vs. cost—we’ll explain here!

Why Refilling Your Propane Tank Is A Better Choice

When you own your own propane tank, you save money in a few ways.

First of all, you save on the price of the propane. The difference can be up to $1.75 per gallon! Multiply the savings over the size of your cylinder, and how often you refill it, and you’ll see that you will save some big bucks choosing to refill your propane cylinder over exchanging it.

You also save by paying only for the propane you use. Think about it: When you see your propane cylinder is beginning to run low, you may immediately think to unhook and replace it. However, if you use a propane cylinder exchange, you’re charged for all the propane in the cylinder—that includes the propane left in the tank when you take it to be exchanged. Over the span of a few tanks, unless you run them to absolute zero, that could be half a tank or more gone to waste!

But when you choose to refill your propane tank you keep that propane and only have to buy propane to fill the rest of your cylinder.

Do you know how full your propane cylinder is when you exchange it? Some propane cylinder exchange services only fill a 20-pound cylinder to 15 pounds. That means you’ll have less propane and have to come back more often for exchanges, wasting both your time and your money. At Superior Propane’s refill stations, a trained employee will safely and fully refill your cylinders, meaning you’ll have up to 25% more propane in your cylinder!

Adding A Propane Refill Station To Your Business

By the way—if you have a retail establishment such as a convenience store, gas station, grocery store, hardware store, garden store, or home improvement store, adding a Superior Propane refill station can help you grow your customer base.

Contact us to learn more about our propane refill stations today—we’ve got convenient locations all across greater Williams, Flagstaff and beyond!