5 Reasons to Love Propane for Your Home

Written By: on September 12, 2022

Affordable, Versatile, Efficient, and Green—Propane Has It All!

propane delivery arizonaYou might have recently noticed that more and more of your neighbors in northern Arizona have propane tanks on their properties. You aren’t imagining this—roughly 50 million American households now use propane in some capacity.

And there are good reasons for this. Propane is clean, versatile, domestically made and environmentally friendly. Here are five significant benefits of choosing propane for your home.

1. Propane is a Cost-Effective Fuel Source

Using propane for heating and other household purposes is less expensive than other fuels. Consider these facts:

2. Propane is American Produced

Pretty much all the propane in this country is extracted and produced domestically. The U.S. exports more propane than we use!

While propane isn’t totally insulated from global energy disruptions, it’s less susceptible to price surges than other fuels. There’s enough propane to fulfill America’s demands well into the next century, thanks to an ample and increasing supply.

3. Propane is a Cleaner, Greener Form of Energy

Propane is listed as a clean fuel in the 1990 Clean Air Act and Energy Policy of 1992. Burning it releases fewer carbon emissions than all other common home fuels besides natural gas. And the main component of natural gas, methane, is 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide at trapping and holding heat in the atmosphere. By comparison, propane is methane-free!

Propane is also non-toxic and non-poisonous. Even if it leaks, it won’t create an environmental hazard.

And propane is becoming even greener with the emergence of renewable propane. While molecularly identical to conventional propane, renewable propane is made from animal oils, vegetable oils, biomass and plant matter.

4. Propane is Adaptable and Versatile

It’s astonishing how many uses you can find for propane in the average home. The propane tank on your property can cleanly and efficiently power:

5. Propane is the Fuel that YOU Control!

Homes that rely on electricity and natural gas for their heat and hot water are at the mercy of utility and power grid infrastructure that is overburdened and poorly maintained. When a gas line ruptures or the grid goes down, their home comfort is totally out of commission.

Conversely, propane-powered households control their own fuel. Their storage tank contains all the fuel you need to power heating systems and home appliances. A trusted partner like Superior Propane Inc. can ensure you always get your propane delivery promptly.

And if you have a propane generator on your property, you can enjoy total confidence that your home will stay powered even when the grid goes down!

The team at Superior Propane Inc. is ready to deliver the fuel you need when you need it. Join our family of customers!