Propane Vs. Electricity: Which Is Better For My Home? 

Written By: on August 3, 2020

Find out just how well propane stacks against the competition!

propane vs electricity arizonaAre you building a new home, or perhaps renovating your current one, here in northern Arizona? If so, you are likely looking over your options when it comes to power for essential appliances in your residence such as the home heating system, cooktop, water heating, and much, much more!

Well, you may be surprised to learn about propane’s superiority to electricity in many ways in-and-around your home! Here are some of those key ways:


If you use propane appliances, you’ll see that, thanks to them being so energy-efficient, the cost of propane per gallon for running them is less than the cost you will pay per kilowatt of electricity by source.

For example, the U.S. Department of Energy reports that you can save about $174 per year with a propane water heater compared with an electric model.

At-home energy

If you are building your home in a more remote area, accessing the electric grid can be costly. But when you have reliable propane delivery from Superior Propane, everything you’ll need will be stored right there at your home in a high-quality, professionally-installed propane tank that’s the [perfect size for your home, and your needs.

Quality of life

Ready to enjoy the benefits of propane can bring directly into your home? Become a Superior Propane customer today and experience the difference.