Propane Tank Exchange Vs. Refills

Written By: on May 3, 2021

Which Is The Best Option For You?

propane tank refill arizonaWith Memorial Day just around the corner, many of us here in northern Arizona are getting their propane grills ready.

While cleaning your grill is important, don’t forget the propane! If you run out of propane, your dinner will come from a delivery app rather than the grill. Making sure your propane cylinder is easy with Superior Propane’s propane refill stations.

We have 11 propane refill stations in our service area, along with refill stations at several businesses. Our refill stations are an economical way to get your propane. That’s because with refills, you can save about $1.75 per gallon compared with the price of propane from a cylinder exchange.

Another way propane cylinder refills are more cost-effective is that you only pay for the propane we give you. Very often, when you think your propane cylinder is just about empty, there’s still some propane left in there. If you exchange it, you lose that propane. Over only a handful of exchanges, that can really add up! With a refill, you keep it.

The Versatility Of Propane Cylinders

While you know that propane cylinders are used for propane BBQ grills, that’s only the beginning of what they can do!

Propane cylinders come in several sizes and shapes for a wide range of applications. In your backyard, they can be used for fire pits, outdoor fireplaces, and patio heaters. They also power portable generators and space heaters, which come in handy for people living off the grid.

RV’ers use propane cylinders for heating, water heating, air conditioning, cooking, and refrigeration. Propane cylinders are used by campers for tent heating and camp stoves.

Businesses use propane cylinders for forklifts and temporary heating at construction sites.

Propane Cylinder Safety Tips

Superior Propane’s propane refill stations help you make sure you always have enough propane. Click here to find the one near you!