The Benefits of Building & Developing with Propane

Written By: on April 4, 2022

We Are the Perfect Partner for Successful Development Projects

propane for construction arizonaCreating a new residential development involves a lot more than just building some houses. Between planning, financing, working with public officials, regulatory agencies, and managing the wide range of tradespeople on the project, you’re juggling a lot.

Take a few items right off your plate by leveraging Superior Propane Inc.’s commercial propane services for builders and developers. We can make managing your development project a heck of a lot easier!

The Superior Propane, Inc. Advantage

For 25 years, Superior Propane Inc. has been working with builders and developers right here in Northern Arizona. We’re a longtime family business that understands the needs of businesses like yours.

We help with all phases of your project. Our bulk propane delivery service fuels on-site generators, temporary heating equipment, and forklifts.

We’ll also help work with you to secure incentives from the Propane Education Research Council (PERC). You can earn up to $1,500 for each home you build that has propane and propane appliances.

Propane is the Perfect Fuel Choice for Residential Development

In a competitive real estate market, you must provide purchasers with what they want—but you must also consider your expenditures in doing so. Distinguish yourself with potential homebuyers while keeping your costs low by using propane.

Today’s home buyers desire amenities attached to gas appliances, such as efficient home and water heating, as well as precise and immediate temperature control that a gas range or cooktop provides.

If your development is not close to a natural gas utility’s supply, installing natural gas lines may be prohibitively expensive. It also limits home buyers when it comes to choosing their gas supplier.

Even if you live near natural gas lines, installing propane tanks for your neighborhood can still be more cost-effective. What’s better? Superior Propane, Inc. can assist with every step of the process.

Propane is an excellent tool for upselling, especially if you offer more luxury amenities. For example, rather than a regular storage water heater, homebuyers can choose a propane tankless water heater. Pool and spa heaters can be added to the list of amenities. Grills and outdoor fireplaces and firepits linked to the home’s propane supply can be added to enhance outdoor living.

Put five generations of knowledge and experience to work in your newest residential development projects. Contact Superior Propane Inc. today to get started. We’ll provide you with solutions that’ll positively impact your bottom line.