A Propane Refill Station For Your Business

Written By: on March 20, 2023

How A Refill Station Will Benefit Your Bottom Line

gas refill station flagstaff, az As a northern Arizona business owner, do you want to see more customers as temperatures start rising outside? Superior Propane has a proven way of attracting a significant influx of new customers who will offer repeat business.

We can set up a propane dispensing station at your place of business that will enable you to provide premium fuel for families and other businesses in your region.

A recent Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association survey found that 61 percent of American grillers use propane—but those grills don’t fire up without a full propane grill tank! Becoming a fuel supplier with one of Superior Propane Inc’s refill stations brings a host of benefits for your business.

1. Increased Profits

First and foremost, a propane tank refill station provides a new revenue stream for your business. And you would be amazed at how many people need portable propane tanks.

Certainly, grill owners are a significant part of the cylinder refilling customer base, but there are many other frequent customers of refilling stations. These include:

Whether these customers need a 20-pound or 100-pound cylinder filled, the station we set up for you can handle it!

2. Added Convenience for Your Customers

We supply propane refilling stations to gas stations, RV parks, hardware stores, home and garden centers and many other local businesses.

One thing they’ve all reported is that their existing customers are thrilled about the extra service. It enhances their customer experience and improves their relationship with you. Your business just took one more errand off their to-do list!

3. Brand Loyalty and Increased Visibility

Having a new, in-demand service to offer your community enhances your brand profile. You can market this service and attract people who have never considered stopping at your storefront before.

Plus, we maintain a list of our refill station accounts to direct customers in your immediate vicinity to your store when they need a cylinder filled.

4. A Boost to Your Other Services

Whether people need to refill a propane tank for an RV or a barbecue, they’ll find their way to your business. Once customers start refilling their propane tanks, they soon realize it’s a much better deal than exchanging them. They’re only paying for the propane they receive and not handing back cylinders with fuel still in them.

The convenience of a refilling station will bring more people into your storefront, and they’ll be more likely to avail themselves of your other services while you fill their tank.

Superior Propane Provides Top-Notch Support to Northern Arizona Businesses!

If you think your business would be a good fit for a propane tank refill station, we’d love to talk to you about getting set up. Superior Propane handles the installation and provides propane safety training to your employees.

Then, we set up a fuel delivery schedule, so you never run out of the propane your growing customer base needs!

Summer’s right around the corner—get a propane refill station in place before the barbecues light up this season. Contact our team today to learn more.