Understanding Propane Production & Distribution

Written By: on March 6, 2023

propane distributionAs the premier propane delivery company in Flagstaff and throughout northern Arizona, we’ve seen the growing popularity of this efficient, affordable, American-made fuel.

Today, roughly 50 million American homes use propane in some capacity, whether for a single appliance or a home’s heating and hot water.

Often, we’re asked just how propane is different from other fuels like natural gas. Here’s a primer on what propane is made of and where it comes from.

Where Does Propane Come From?

Most propane is petroleum based. It can be compressed as a liquid for transportation and storage. It has an extremely low boiling point, so it vaporizes to a gaseous state at a low temperature when pressure is relieved. Most propane is a co-product of natural gas extraction and crude oil refining, wherein no additional drilling is required to get it. And an increasing amount of propane is coming from organic feedstocks.

Propane is one of the most secure, in-demand energy sources available today due to its domestic production. In fact, the U.S. exports more propane than we use nationally, meaning that even with fluctuating global markets, propane prices tend to be steadier than other fuel types.

Now let’s explore how precisely this reliable resource is created.

Refining Crude Oil

In the refining process of crude oil, heavier hydrocarbons accumulate in the base while lighter substances like propane drift to the top. Therefore, propane can be extracted and re-packaged as an independent fuel source.

Extracting Natural Gas

The vast majority of propane is a co-product of natural gas. Propane is heavier than natural gas and must be separated during extraction to prevent condensing inside pipelines.

The Renewable Propane Process

Renewable propane is the newest propane product on the market. It is chemically the same as conventional propane, but it’s made from organic and recycled products, falling into four categories:

These raw materials are plentiful and largely inexpensive; They’re often what most consider waste products! Furthermore, renewable propane production has a remarkably low carbon intensity, making the fuel carbon-neutral at combustion. This means no additional carbon dioxide is added to the earth’s atmosphere when using renewable propane.

It’s not in wide use yet, but the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) projects that U.S. producers will bring over 1 billion gallons of renewable propane to market within 10 years.

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