Propane Price Update

Dear Valued Customer,

Much of the country is in a short-term energy crisis right now. Natural gas prices, electricity rates and oil prices all spiked amid the widespread blackouts in Texas and the bitter-cold temperatures that have gripped much of the country in recent weeks.

Unfortunately, propane prices haven’t been immune to these market forces.

Wholesale propane prices have nearly doubled over just the last few weeks. We’ve taken great pains to pass as little of that increase to our customers as possible. The retail price you are now paying does not fully reflect the increase we’re seeing in wholesale costs.

This is much like when the price of coffee, milk or any commodity rises. It’s not the local supermarket that is profiting. The sooner prices drop, the happier we’ll be.

Some Good News

Most energy experts agree that the current situation is a temporary market condition. They expect prices to drop by early spring.

In the meantime, we may opt for partial fills to ensure we can get enough propane to all of our customers as quickly as possible. This is especially important because propane transport trucks are navigating tough road conditions to bring in more fuel as local propane companies work hard to meet surging demand.

Another benefit of doing temporary partial fills is that it reduces the impact of today’s higher prices on our customers. We can do a fill-up when spring arrives and prices drop.

Have Confidence in Us

We have secure storage capacity and we maintain strong relationships with multiple propane suppliers. We are doing everything possible to ensure we can deliver, no matter the cost or difficulty we face—even when other companies cannot deliver.

We also have programs created to help you keep payments manageable. Many of these plans start after the winter, but they will help make things easier for you going forward.

Rest assured, we’ll do everything possible to keep your propane costs fair.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.