Propane Benefits For New Homes

Written By: on May 15, 2023

Propane can dependably power your building project — and the home you’re building!

propane for construction Kingman, az If you’re a home builder or remodeler in northern Arizona, many factors can affect the primary power source for both your worksite and the finished building. Is there access to a natural gas utility in the area? How dependable is the electric grid?

At Superior Propane, we understand how crucial having a dependable energy source is for delivering a new home on time, plus ensuring that it has reliable heat, hot water and major appliances for the new owner.

Here are four benefits of propane for new homes.

Propane is American-made.

Unlike many other energy sources, including several materials used to generate grid electricity, propane is almost entirely produced in the U.S. A natural co-product of oil refining and natural gas extraction, propane is so plentiful that our country actually exports more than we use domestically!

As an American-made fuel, propane is more insulated from the ups and downs of global energy markets, making its price much more stable.

Propane is clean-burning and non-toxic.

Did you know that propane is listed as an alternative fuel in the 1990 Clean Air Act and Energy Policy Act of 1992? It’s true and for good reasons!

Propane has the lowest carbon intensity of any home heating fuel besides natural gas, but unlike natural gas, it’s methane-free. Propane emits virtually no particulate matter, which is a known carcinogen. It’s also a non-toxic, nonpoisonous fuel, so in the unlikely event of a leak, your soil and water will not be harmed. This is why you can install a propane tank underground without risking soil contamination.

Propane is versatile.

Propane has a dizzying number of uses in both residential and commercial settings. When a home has its own propane tank, it can power not only home heating but also:

Propane can also power the forklifts and other construction equipment your team uses on a building project. We can provide bulk propane delivery to your construction site!

Propane is there when you need it.

When a home is powered by 100 percent electricity or natural gas, the family living there is dependent on a utility with often unreliable infrastructure. Gas outages and blackouts have become all too common these days. But propane keeps working when a utility fails. The homeowner has a dedicated storage tank supplying fuel to their home.

Superior Propane can be your fueling partner on any home construction project.

In Flagstaff, Williams, Prescott and nearby communities, Superior Propane provides fuel to build new homes. We work with builders, contractors, remodelers and developers to safely and expediently incorporate propane into new and renewed properties. We want to help your business too!

Put our quarter-century of propane experience to work for your building project. Reach out to the Superior Propane team today!