Propane Delivery For Your Commercial Kitchen

Written By: on August 7, 2023

The fuel we deliver helps to prepare countless delicious meals!

propane commercial kitchen Prescott, az If you manage a restaurant or a commercial kitchen in a hotel, resort or other business, you know that energy comprises a significant chunk of your overhead. Choosing a fuel that balances energy savings with effectiveness and versatility is crucial.

One survey recently found that 96 percent of professional chefs prefer cooking with gas. At Superior Propane, we deliver efficient, clean-burning propane to countless businesses that feed Arizonans. Here are some of propane’s uses in commercial kitchens.

Propane vs. electricity & other fuels in commercial kitchens

Why is cooking with propane so appealing to professional chefs? There are countless reasons. Propane’s carbon intensity is far lower than grid-based electricity, and unlike natural gas, it’s methane-free!
As a predominantly U.S.-made fuel, propane’s price has tended to be more stable than other energy sources. And gas-cooking is generally more appealing than electric. Here are a few reasons why:

Propane lights up commercial kitchens in northern Arizona.

Just step into any restaurant with an “open kitchen” floorplan, and you’ll see gas-fired products in just about every corner.

Lines of chefs work from propane cooktops and ranges. Roasting and baking happen in propane-fired ovens. Propane also powers grills, griddles, steam cookers, warming stations and vat fryers. All these products offer incredible cost-saving potential. The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) broke down the numbers and found that propane-fired cooking products, more often than not, offered superior energy savings compared to electric alternatives.

Propane water heaters keep your dishes, utensils, cookware and linens spotless.

When it comes to generating hot water, propane is as good as it gets. Propane water heaters have double the recovery rate (the number of gallons of hot water it can produce in one hour) of electric models. With much less energy, you can generate enough hot water to run your commercial-grade dishwashers; sanitize your pots, pans, knives and food-prep surfaces; and get your tablecloths and napkins gleaming white.

Other propane uses in the food and hospitality business.

The restaurants, hotels, clubs and resorts we serve use propane for more than their commercial kitchens. It’s also an essential fuel for systems and appliances that make customers comfortable and relaxed. This includes the furnaces and patio heaters that warm patrons on chilly winter evenings. It also includes stunning décor like gas logs, firepits, fire tables and outdoor fireplaces!

Propane delivery in Flagstaff, Williams, Prescott and nearby

When northern Arizona hospitality businesses need dependable propane delivery for their commercial kitchens, they invariably contact us. Our commercial propane team will work closely with your business to right-size your propane storage and arrange a fuel delivery schedule tailored to your needs.

Superior Propane is ready to get to work for your business. Reach out today to get started fueling your propane-powered kitchen.