Propane Conversion is Easier Than You Think!

Written By: on June 5, 2023

We’ll make your home propane conversion completely hassle-free.

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Every day in Flagstaff, Williams, Prescott and other communities, our team at Superior Propane speaks to homeowners who have heard great things about propane but are worried about switching. They’ve heard that converting a home to propane is complicated or disruptive. They may be worried that it isn’t worth the trouble.

We’re here to tell you that there are incredible benefits to making the switch to propane, and our experienced, courteous technicians can make your fuel conversion process stress-free.

Why is propane a better option than electricity?

A large percentage of the households that contact us about a propane conversion are moving away from electricity. Propane has some significant advantages over electricity as a home energy source.

  1. Reliability — When your home’s heating, hot water and essential appliances are powered by electricity, you’re out of luck when there’s a grid outage. Unfortunately, those outages are becoming more common every year. By contrast, propane-powered households don’t need to rely on a utility. Your on-site propane tank ensures that you have adequate fuel. And if you have a propane generator, you’ll be protected if there’s a power interruption in your area.
  2. Efficiency — Propane furnaces have energy efficiency ratings in the 90+ percent range, meaning you lose almost no heat energy in combustion. Propane-fired water heaters have roughly twice the hot water recovery rate of electric units.
  3. Versatility — With propane, you can take advantage of fantastic home amenities. Propane ranges offer a high-quality cooking experience similar to what professional chefs enjoy. Propane-powered dryers get laundry dry 25 percent faster than electric alternatives. Plus, you can add property-enhancing amenities like fireplace inserts, fire pits, outdoor kitchens and pool heaters!
  4. Eco-friendliness — Some people assume that going all-electric is better for the environment, but the reality is not so clear-cut. Electric equipment in your home may not generate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions — but Arizona’s power grid generation is far from green. Over half of our in-state electricity generation comes from coal and natural gas. These are major GHG producers. On the other hand, propane has a much lower carbon intensity than U.S. grid electricity. It’s also methane-free and emits almost no particulate matter!

You can trust Superior Propane for a hassle-free switch!

At Superior Propane, we have practically perfected the home propane conversion process. Whether you’re switching from another energy source or another propane provider, we can typically complete your setup and switch-out in 24 hours. We also offer the following:

And with us as your home energy partner, you can enjoy the most dependable propane delivery service in northern Arizona, including no-fee “Keep Full” automatic delivery. This service frees you from fuel run-outs. You’ll never need to call us for delivery, and we’ll even give you a discount on your propane!

Don’t put off enjoying the terrific benefits that propane has to offer. Become a Superior Propane customer today.