A Guide To Propane: Autogas 101

Written By: on November 9, 2020

Learn about this cleaner, greener way to fuel your car or fleet vehicles!

propane autogas arizonaDid you know that there is an alternative automotive and equipment fuel that is more efficient and environmentally friendly than gasoline, diesel, or hybrid engines? If you didn’t it’s time to get familiar with propane Autogas!

And Superior Propane, Inc. is northern Arizona’s leader in Autogas supply and service.

We’ve put together a primer so you can know more about it, and why it is becoming a popular choice not just for cars, but for fleet vehicles, equipment, school buses, and more!

What exactly is Autogas?

Autogas is type of propane fuel used in internal combustion engines, like those in vehicles and equipment used in businesses ranging from construction to paving to landscaping.

Advantages that Autogas offers include:

How does Autogas help the environment?

There are two distinct ways Autogas is much better for the environment than gasoline or diesel.

  1. Autogas will dramatically reduce your vehicle or fleet’s greenhouse gas emissions. That’s because Autogas produces 20% less carbon monoxide, 40% fewer nitrogen oxides, and 10% less carbon dioxide than diesel or gasoline. You will be helping make the air in your community cleaner—immediately!
  2. If there is a gasoline or diesel spill, there is environmental damage as it gets into the ground and eventually the groundwater. But Autogas is non-toxic and creates no environmental damage in the rare event of a leak.

How does Autogas help my business?

If you have a fleet of vehicles —cars, buses, shuttles, trucks of all sizes, delivery vans, and more — you know what a lot of work, hassle, and expense keeping them fueled can be.

Propane Autogas provides many advantages over gasoline or diesel.

Fueling your fleet on-site with Autogas is safer and cleaner than gasoline or diesel, and you don’t have to worry about spills and the damage and potentially costly cleanup that result.

The professionals at Superior Propane Inc. will help set up an Autogas dispensing station right at your business or jobsite. That will make accounting for and managing your fleet’s fuel costs easier and less time-consuming, as you don’t have to deal with receipts and reimbursements. An Autogas dispensing station also greatly reduces fuel theft, and the outright burden that comes from going out of your way and off-site to constantly refuel!

Why is Autogas good for governments and school districts?

Autogas can power all sorts of vehicles used by municipalities such police cars, trucks, vans, and shuttles. By converting your fleet to Autogas, you get all the benefits that a business would, saving your community money and making the air cleaner.

School buses run on Autogas experience less wear, lower maintenance and repair costs, and can start in even the coldest weather. All the money your school district saves on Autogas can go towards important things like teachers, academic programs, and support services.

Contact Superior Propane to learn even more about propane Autogas and how we can help your business save both time, and money, with this environmentally friendly fuel!