Living “Off-the-Grid” With Propane

Written By: on March 7, 2022

Providing Comfort & Security No Matter Where You Live

propane delivery arizonaThere are some reality TV shows that make living in more private, secluded, and remote—otherwise known as “off-the-grid”—areas some sort of crazy adventure with wacky hijinks.

In real reality, living off the grid is a great option for many people. Some choose it to reduce their environmental impact. Others because they seek as much independence as possible. Whatever your reason for seeking life off the grid, it doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from some of the same essentials that others in suburban or urban communities may have.

You don’t have to invest tens of thousands of dollars on solar panels to keep the lights on or rely on more traditional methods for your heating and cooking. With propane services from Superior Propane Inc., you can enjoy life with many of the best amenities and comforts!

Converting Your Home to Propane Power

If your home is wired for electricity but you want to cut the cord and live off the grid, Superior Propane Inc. can do that for you! With our Hassle-Free Switch, your home can be converted to propane in as little as one day.

Propane Tank Installations

We offer a wide variety of propane tanks in all shapes and sizes. From ones small enough for one or two appliances like a stove and water heater to ones that can handle whole-home heating and countless other appliances. What’s even better? We also offer affordable propane tank leasing!

Local, Reliable Propane Delivery

You can’t beat Superior Propane Inc. for reliable propane delivery. With our Keep Full automatic propane delivery, we use your past propane usage history alongside the current weather conditions to accurately predict when you’ll need more propane—and then make a delivery before you run low. Want even more certainty about your propane supply? Enroll in our easy wireless propane tank monitoring service! We’ll get an alert when you need propane and promptly get a delivery out to you.

Propane Appliances and Rebates

Propane appliances offer outstanding efficiency and comfort for off-grid living. You can enjoy hot showers with propane water heaters, cook on a propane range, grill on a propane grill, power a propane whole-house generator, heat your pool and spa, and more!

Superior Propane Inc. can help you find the right propane appliances for your home—and get you some great rebates to help you save!

Propane Cylinder Refills

You can use propane cylinders not only for grills, but for deck and patio heaters, outdoor fireplaces, space heaters, firepits, and portable generators.

With ten convenient propane cylinder refill stations all over our Northern Arizona service area, you’ll always be able to keep your cylinders filled at a much lower price than using propane cylinder exchanges.

Want to learn more about Superior Propane Inc.’s available services for your “off-the-grid” residence? Get in touch with us today—we’ll be happy to help.