Switching From Electricity to Propane

Written By: on May 2, 2022

Propane Power Delivers!

propane appliances arizonaAre you tired of dealing with unreliable heat and hot water from your electric-powered equipment?

Do you have to run your wet clothes through an electric dryer for multiple cycles?

Does it take forever to cook dinner on your electric range?

The best solution for families throughout Northern Arizona is converting from electric heat and appliances to propane. If converting your home to propane seems like a big, disruptive process, we can assure you that it isn’t. Superior Propane has transitioned countless homes from electricity to propane. We’ve perfected a process that completes the conversion in 24 hours!

Spring is a fantastic time to tackle this project. Demand is lower, and you don’t need to worry about heat interruptions. And the benefits of switching to propane will amaze you.

Electricity vs. Propane

While it’s true that both propane and electricity can power a range of HVAC systems and major appliances, propane is almost always more effective. Consider these facts:

Across the board, propane heating and home appliances outperform electric. Plus, they enable you to control your own fuel source. If the overburdened electric grid experiences a blackout, your home stays comfortable, your water stays warm, and you can still cook and dry your clothes.

Hassle-free Propane Conversion

You might still feel intimidated thinking about converting your home to a new power source. We’re here to put your mind at ease!

At Superior Propane, Inc., we have the experience and technical knowledge to handle any home conversion. We’ve developed the Hassle-Free Switch, which guarantees total peace of mind. Our experts will assess your home’s needs to determine what appliances, systems, and fuel storage are best.

Our Hassle-Free Switch includes:

With our Hassle-Free Switch, we also help you qualify for any available specials or rebates.

Spring is the perfect time to make the change to propane. Contact us today to arrange an appointment or to learn more about this cleaner, greener fuel that can make a difference in your home!