Buy Local: Support Our Local Businesses!

Written By: on February 1, 2021

Superior Propane—Serving Northern Arizona For Four Generations!

local propane service arizonaAre you looking for propane services for your northern Arizona home or business?

You have two options:

One is the big, national, industrial supplier.

The other is a locally owned, locally based propane company like Superior Propane.

When you go with the big national corporations, you’re not a customer. You’re an account number in their computer system. If you need service, you’ll have to deal with a lot of “Press 1 for…” before you reach an actual human to talk with. What happens if you need an emergency propane delivery? Can you really trust a far-off call center to get it to you promptly?

With Superior Propane Inc., you get courteous, responsive service from a local business that has been meeting the needs of folks just like you for four generations! You’re not an account number to us. You’re our neighbor, and we treat you as such.

With that four generations of experience comes a deep knowledge of local residents and businesses. We provide services tailored to your needs, not the one-size-fits-all service you get with a national corporation.

Superior Propane offers:

  • Reliable, safe propane delivery with the option of work-free, worry-free Keep Full automatic delivery
  • Expert propane tank installation
  • A hassle-free switch for converting your home to propane
  • Pricing and payment options built to perfectly fit your needs
  • Assistance with selecting propane appliances for your home
  • Commercial propane services including bulk propane, propane autogas, and construction services
  • There’s something else you get when using Superior Propane: Competitive, fair, and transparent propane pricing. Some national corporations set one nationwide price per gallon for their propane. You could be paying Boston prices in Flagstaff or Jerome!

    When you use one of our 11 propane refill stations, you are also supporting the local business where it is located.

    Much has changed over our four generations of service here in northern Arizona. But one thing has not, and that’s our dedication to providing the best, most reliable propane services for our customers.

    Trust Superior Propane Inc. for fair pricing and responsive service you can’t get from those big, national corporations. Become a customer today and we’ll provide that courteous, personal experience and expertise you can only get from a hometown business like us.