Does Propane Burn Hotter Than Natural Gas?

Written By: on February 8, 2021

Time To Clear The Air About Two Popular Forms Of Home Heating!

propane or natural gas arizonaYou may think, “Natural gas. Propane. What’s the difference?”

There are differences. Big differences! And those differences can impact the quality of life in your home on a day-to-day basis.

Many parts of northern Arizona are not served by a natural gas utility. But never fear—dependable propane delivery from Superior Propane Inc. lets you have the benefits of gas appliances like heaters, water heaters, and ranges, as well as the security of a propane whole-house backup generator no matter where you live.

And because your propane supply is right there at your home, you get all that with none of the worries about gas service disruption, as can often happen with natural gas.

Getting to our main topic though—the answer is that both propane and natural gas burn at the same temperature: 3,560˚ Fahrenheit. However, what happens when they burn is very different. We’ll explain:

Propane—A Higher Efficiency Fuel

One unit of propane provides more than twice the heat that one unit of natural gas does. Natural gas generates about 1,012 BTUs (British Thermal Units) of heat per cubic foot. Propane on the other hand generates 2,520 BTUs per cubic foot. One BTU is the amount of energy needed to increase one pound of water by 1˚ Fahrenheit.

Whether it’s heating your home, heating your water, cooking, and using other gas appliances, you are forced to use MORE natural gas for the same results. Here’s an example: A 100,000 BTU natural gas furnace will burn approximately 97 cubic feet in one hour, while a propane furnace will burn only 40 cubic feet in that time.

That makes propane the FAR more efficient and cost-effective fuel for your home.

Propane Gas Is Better For The Environment

Propane is also much more environmentally friendly than natural gas. While natural gas does have lower emissions of carbon monoxide and nitrous oxides than other fossil fuels, it still emits them outright. Propane does not. That’s right—ZERO harmful carbon emissions! That clean burning is one reason propane was named an alternative fuel in both the 1990 Clean Air Act and 1992 National Energy Policy.

Become a Superior Propane customer today and experience the difference the most reliable propane delivery service in northern Arizona can make for your home or business.