How To Install Your Grill Tank

Written By: on March 18, 2024

Propane cylinder installation and safety tips for gas grills.

grill tank Jerome, AZ When you think about the warm season in Jerome, Flagstaff and elsewhere in Northern Arizona, a well-functioning propane grill with a full grill tank can seem nearly as essential as a working air conditioner.

Okay, that might be hyperbole, but it’s safe to say that once you start grilling with propane in your backyard, it’s hard to be without this fantastic outdoor amenity. There’s a good reason that 61% of grillers use propane as their fuel. Propane generates quick, robust and precisely adjustable heat that emits little to no smoke and leaves no chemical taste. Whether you’re slow-cooking sauce-slathered ribs or searing a lightly seasoned salmon filet, you can feel confident that propane will get the job done effectively, and the flavors of your food will shine through.

Plus, there’s very little cleanup with a propane grill. You don’t need to risk ruining your outfit while you douse and clean ashes and coals. Just turn off your burners, close the service valve on your propane cylinder and run a brush over the grate.

At Superior Propane, we’re happy to set up your propane grill and provide fuel for it, too.

Can you connect a grill to your home propane tank?

Some customers ask us if they can connect their grill to the same tank that supplies fuel to their home’s heating system, water heater and other indoor appliances. This can be a great option, especially if you have a built-in grill or outdoor kitchen. Your grill’s fuel will be replenished whenever you receive a propane delivery.

If you have a freestanding grill, though, you might experience some issues with connecting to your stationary propane tank:

These are some reasons why many grill owners prefer using portable propane cylinders.

How do you attach a propane cylinder to your grill?

Propane cylinders are easily portable and simple to install in your grill. Most grills have storage compartments that can accommodate a 20-pound tank. Here are some steps for switching out a grill tank. Before changing out propane cylinders, ensure your grill is off and the current cylinder’s valve is closed.

Get your grill cylinders from Superior Propane.

It’s time to replenish your grill fuel before spring arrives. Superior Propane supplies fuel for cylinder refill stations in Flagstaff, Parks, Williams, Seligman and other Northern Arizona communities. Refilling your propane cylinder is almost always more affordable than trading it in as a grill tank exchange. So, come to a Superior Propane cylinder refill station with a portable tank for your grill, patio heater, RV, firepit or other outdoor appliance.

Interested in exploring options for a new propane grill? Contact our team today.