How Hot Does Propane Burn?

Written By: on January 22, 2024

You get a lot of heat energy for your fuel dollar.

propane Jerome, AZ January has brought some glacially cold evenings to Jerome and other cities in our northern Arizona service region. Homeowners in our region are facing night after night of temperatures in the teens and single digits. It’s reasonable to wonder whether you’re getting the best bang for your buck when it comes to home heating. After all, space heating makes up a significant chunk of your home’s energy budget. And having substandard home heating can be a comfort and safety issue at this time of year.

Not all fuels generate the same amount of heat. At Superior Propane, we can help you determine whether propane is the best option for keeping your loved ones warm.

How do you measure heat generation?

Certainly, you can use temperature to determine how hot a given fuel burns. Propane and natural gas both burn at a temperature of approximately 3,560˚ F, but this does not tell the whole story.

A more accurate way of measuring heat generation is in British Thermal Units (Btu). One Btu is the amount of energy needed to increase one pound of water by 1˚ F. This metric can tell you how much heat energy is generated with a given amount of fuel.

How does propane’s heat production compare to other energy sources?

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, propane generates about 91,452 Btu per gallon . This is a lot of heat, especially compared to natural gas and electricity.

Natural gas generates less than half the heat of propane per cubic foot. You would need roughly 88 cubic feet of natural gas to produce the same number of Btu that a gallon of propane does.

You would also need about 27 kilowatt hours of electricity to get the same amount of heat energy.

Are propane appliances energy efficient?

We know that propane gas can produce a lot of heat, but what about the equipment that uses it? Here’s a rundown of propane products and how they stack up efficiency-wise:

Trust Superior Propane for your gas appliance needs.

Households throughout Arizona are discovering the efficiency, high performance and reliability of propane heating systems and home appliances. For over a quarter-century, Superior Propane has helped homeowners convert to this versatile, American-made fuel. We can also help you install and maintain premium appliances that will keep your family comfortable and your energy bills low.

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