How Are Ductwork & Heating Problems Connected?

Written By: on February 7, 2022

Take Note of These Tips That Can Help Keep Your Heating Costs Down

heating system service arizonaHeating your home with propane is a great way to keep your Northern Arizona home warm and comfortable all year long. How? Propane offers outstanding energy efficiency, especially when compared with electricity. Today’s high efficiency propane heating systems can achieve efficiencies as high as 98%! Electric systems can’t even come close.

However, no matter what system exists in your home, you could still run into potential heating problems.

While your furnace is essential, it isn’t the only component of your home’s heating system, which is more complicated than you may imagine.

Your ductwork is one source of problems in your home’s heating system. The ductwork transports heated air throughout your house and distributes it through registers placed throughout the living areas. It also directs heated air back to the furnace for reheating via vents.

If your ductwork is in poor shape, it can cause the entire heating system to run inefficiently.

How Do I Determine if I Have Problems with My Ductwork?

Here are some signs that indicate you may have issues with your existing ductwork:

Inexplicable cost surges. If your heating system’s equipment and your propane prices remain consistent, but your heating costs soar noticeably higher over a period of a few months or longer, it’s possible that duct leaks are to blame.

Uneven heating. If you’ve noticed the heating in your home seems to be uneven from room to room, the culprit could be the ductwork. Ducts that are leaking could lose as much as 15% of the heated air rather than being delivered into your living spaces. Look into your ductwork if you’re noticing some rooms are warm and others are chilly when they’re both set to the same temperatures.

Poor indoor air quality. Dust and other allergens may be drawn into your ductwork if there are any small holes or cracks. It’s simple to enter your living areas via the registers after it’s inside. More dust than usual, as well as more allergy symptoms when you’re in your house, are indicators that this is a potential problem.

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