It’s Prime Grilling Season in Arizona!

Written By: on June 17, 2021

Superior Propane Is Here To Keep Your Grill Filled-up for Your Next Cookout!

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Did you know that June is National Grilling Month? What a fun thing to celebrate, right?

Well, it can be! However, if your propane BBQ grill has seen better days, get in touch with Superior Propane. Our knowledgeable propane appliance experts will help you select a new grill, so you’ll be ready not just for National Grilling Month, but the coming Fourth of July weekend and the rest of summer ahead!

That’s not the only way Superior Propane helps you get grilling. Our propane cylinder refill stations ensure that you’ll always have the propane you need, whether you’re grilling a weeknight supper or burgers and hot dogs for a party.

Superior Propane Cylinder Refills Are Fast and Easy!

Wherever you are in northern Arizona, you can easily get to one of our propane cylinder refill stations. We have 11 stations, and there are Superior Propane refill stations at several area businesses, too!

Having your cylinders safely and properly refilled takes just minutes!

Utilizing a propane cylinder refill is a much more budget-friendly option than propane cylinder exchanges. Why is that?

Firstly, you save about $1.75 per gallon compared with the price of propane from a cylinder exchange.

You also only pay for the propane dispensed into your cylinder during the refill. Think about when you bring a propane cylinder in for exchange. There may not be much propane left in what you presume is an “empty” cylinder, but even that small amount is propane you paid for, and you don’t get to keep. With our propane cylinder refill, you get to use every bit of propane we sell you.

Propane Grilling Safety Tips

We have also put together a list of things to do, as well as NOT do, so you and your guests keep safe while you’re using your propane BBQ grill.

A Superior Propane cylinder refill station is always nearby! Click here to find the one nearest you, today!