What Size Propane Tank Does My Grill Need?

Written By: on October 10, 2022

Everything You Need to Know About Portable Propane Cylinders

grill tanks arizonaIf there’s one thing that unites families across Northern Arizona area every weekend, it’s grilling outdoors! Sure, the temperatures are starting to dip as we enter the fall season, but barbecuing is still a must when friends come over to watch the Cardinals, Sun Devils, or Wildcats play.

If you’ve recently invested in a propane grill, you’re in for an excellent cookout. Propane offers powerful heat, precise temperature control, minimal cleanup and no off-flavors.

Here’s everything you need to know about securing the right propane tank for your barbecue:

Choosing a Portable Propane Tank Size for Your Grill

Freestanding propane grills are generally designed to use a 20-pound propane tank, also called a 5-gallon tank. You could attach a larger tank (like a 30-pound cylinder), but most propane grills have storage for a 20-pound tank. This standard size is available at most gas station, big-box, or hardware store exchanges.

You can transport a 20-pound cylinder easily in a car. Be sure to transport it upright and carefully secured. You don’t want to leave a propane cylinder in an enclosed space. So, pick up or refill your cylinder right before returning home, and drive it home with two windows rolled down.

At home, store your cylinders outside, upright, and away from flames and extreme heat.

Connecting Your Propane Grill to a Home Propane Tank

If you power your home’s heating, hot water, or major appliances with propane, then you have a stationary propane tank on your property. You can connect a propane grill to this tank!

This option has a definite benefit: You never need to swap out a portable propane tank again. Your fuel will be replenished whenever you receive a propane delivery.

But for many homeowners, there are significant drawbacks to attaching a grill to a stationary propane tank:

Refilling Your Portable Propane Cylinders

You typically save money by refilling your grill’s propane tank rather than exchanging it for a new one. When you refill, you only pay for the propane being added to your tank. If you exchange it, you lose any remaining fuel in the old tank.

Happily, if you live in northern Arizona, you can go to one of Superior Propane’s portable propane tank refill stations. You can top off your propane cylinder with the same premium quality fuel our customers use in their homes. There are currently nine refill locations in our service area. Seek one out before your next cookout. It will save you money compared to a home store tank exchange.

Do you need a trustworthy propane partner for your Flagstaff, Williams, or Sedona-area home? Join the family of Superior Propane customers today.