Need a Propane Refill for Your Barbecue?

Written By: on June 20, 2022

Finding Affordable, Reliable Propane Cylinders

grill tank refill arizonaEven if your home heating and appliances aren’t powered by propane, there’s a good chance you use a portable tank or cylinder to fuel your grill, RV, firepit, or spa. In so many ways, summer fun runs on clean-burning, versatile, energy-efficient propane!

You don’t have to be a Superior Propane, Inc. delivery customer to take advantage of the top-tier fuel we offer. If you’re a resident of northern Arizona, we have grill tank and cylinder fueling solutions near you!

Propane Tank Refills Near You

Superior Propane supplies cylinder refill stations throughout the Williams and Flagstaff area…and beyond. You can find the closest location to your home here:

Take your cylinder to one of these stations to fill it with the same high-quality product that we proudly deliver to homes in the region!

When you fill your portable propane tank or cylinder at one of our tank refills stations, your propane will be less expensive than exchanging it for a new one.

Propane Cylinder Best Practices

One of the many benefits of propane is how easy it is to store and transport. That’s why it’s the fuel of choice for most home grillers. Even so, it’s crucial to be safe with your propane cylinder.

If your cylinder is damaged or leaking, you should immediately exchange it for a new one.

Superior Propane, Inc. is the most trusted provider of propane and home comfort equipment in the region. Contact us to become a customer today. We’re ready to serve your household!