Getting To Know Propane: 3 Common Questions

Written By: on April 20, 2020

Learn more about clean, green, versatile propane!

The first thing that comes to most people’s minds when propane is brought up is their BBQ grill. And don’t get us wrong; propane is great for grilling that’s for sure! But it can do so much more indoors, and out, at your northern Arizona home.

Today, we’ll answer the three most common questions asked about propane.

Q. What is propane used for?

A. Almost every appliance at your home can be run on propane, and often with a great deal more efficiency than other energy sources, especially electricity! Here are some of the appliances that can be powered by propane:common propane questions

Remember what we said about propane being great for grilling? You can refill your grill’s propane cylinder at one of our convenient propane tank refill stations!

Q. Is propane safe?

A. When used properly, propane is absolutely safe. Between federal, state and local regulations and the strict safety standards of the propane industry, as upheld by Superior Propane, propane may in-fact be safer than other energy sources.

Here are some key facts about propane safety:

Q. Is propane expensive?

A. When you’re comparing fuel sources, there’s more to factor into the comparison than cost per unit of measure.

Look at the total cost of ownership. The cost of the fuel, the efficiency of the equipment run on it, and the life expectancy of the equipment are three major parts of that.

The high-efficiency propane appliances available today can reach efficiencies of 98%, meaning 98 cents of every dollar you spend on propane goes to doing what the appliance does, whether it’s water heating, cooking, or any other application. Because propane is such a clean-burning fuel, it creates less wear on your appliances; they’ll need fewer repairs and have a longer general life expectancy.

When you add it up, propane is hands-down one of the most cost-effective energy sources you can find!

Superior Propane can help you enjoy the benefits of propane in your home. Become a customer today and experience the difference.