Let’s Get to Know Your Propane Tank

Written By: on November 7, 2022

A Beginner’s Guide to Propane Storage

propane tanks arizona Like a lot of heating and cooling equipment in your home, it’s easy to forget about your propane tank.

However, when you consider that your home’s heating, hot water, stove, and clothes dryer may all depend on propane, you can see it’s good to have some familiarity with your home’s propane tank and its different components. You’ll be happy you do if you need to run outside in a storm to check your fuel levels or if you’re concerned there might be a leak.

The Different Sizes of Propane Tank

Stationary propane tanks come in both aboveground and underground models. And different propane tank sizes serve different home needs.

You should bear in mind that propane tanks are only filled to about 80 percent capacity. This is because propane—like water—expands with heat fluctuations. But propane’s volume increases 17 times more than water. So, when we make a propane delivery for a 500-gallon tank, our delivery driver only fills it to 400 gallons to allow room for potential expansion.

The Parts of a Propane Tank

If you need to call in the Superior team because of a performance or safety issue involving your tank, it helps us if you’re familiar with the tank parts. You can more precisely describe the problem so that we can go to work with all the information.

Here are some important components of your propane tank:

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