Propane Forklift Cylinder Exchange

Written By: on December 13, 2021

Superior Propane Inc. Fuels Your Forklift Fleet Efficiently!

propane forklift service arizonaFor decades, Superior Propane Inc. has been meeting the propane needs of businesses all over Northern Arizona with reliable bulk propane delivery, propane autogas services, and so much more.

We lead the way in helping those businesses take advantage of all that propane can do for them, from providing better efficiency to saving money.

Those services include businesses that use propane-powered forklifts. Did you know that we offer customized bulk propane delivery so you can fill your forklift cylinders on-site? Additionally, you can also fill your forklift cylinders at any of our 11 propane cylinder refill stations!

Superior Propane Inc. provides your business with personal service because we are locally owned and operated. We understand the needs of businesses like yours and can be responsive and flexible, so you know we’re always there for you.

Are you looking into adding propane forklifts to your business? If so, that’s a smart move. Using propane forklifts offers you many advantages. We’ll detail four of those here:

Increased Power Output

Propane forklifts operate at full power so long as there is propane in the cylinder. Electric forklifts, conversely, become less powerful as the battery drains towards fully depleted. Propane forklifts are also sturdier and more capable of handling heavier objects and working on inclines than that of electric forklifts based on numerous case studies in the field.


To recharge an electric forklift, it will take up to eight hours. That means you’re out of luck if the battery runs down while working—you’ll be down one forklift for the rest of the shift and beyond until it’s finished recharging. Furthermore, you’ll need to place space and money into charging stations. Propane forklifts give the most running time between refills of all energy sources. Refueling takes only a few minutes. Simply swap the empty tank for a full one and you’re back in business!

Increased Versatility

Because of emissions, gasoline-powered forklifts are not allowed to be operated indoors. Outside, electric forklifts are inefficient and can’t function in wet conditions like rain, mud, or slush. Propane can handle it all, both inside and outside!

Environmental Friendliness

Propane forklifts produce considerably less greenhouse gases than gasoline-powered forklifts. In the unlikely event of a propane leak, there is no environmental damage, unlike with a gasoline leak. In comparison, electric forklifts aren’t as environmentally friendly as propane either, as 40% of the country’s electricity supply comes from coal-fired power stations—one of the most harmful ongoing environmental issues.

You can count on Superior Propane Inc. for all your commercial propane needs here in Northern Arizona! Get in touch with us to learn how we can help your business today.