Food Truck Propane Tank Services

Written By: on February 5, 2024

Fill up your 100-pound cylinders with our premium commercial propane.

food truck propane Prescott, AZ Take a stroll down a major street at lunchtime in Sedona, Flagstaff or other cities in Northern Arizona, and you will see an unbelievable lineup of cuisines: barbecue, tacos, sliders, loaded hot dogs, vegan delicacies and much more.

The food truck scene has exploded recently. At Superior Propane, we’re proud to supply the fuel these mobile eateries need to feed hungry customers. We refill food truck propane tanks at multiple locations, and our commercial propane team is always available to speak with you about how we can make your business sizzle more efficiently.

Why do food trucks use propane?

There are several compelling reasons why Arizona food truck proprietors turn to propane for their energy needs.

  1. Propane goes where you need it. Rather than being limited to parking where you can connect to a utility, you can safely and conveniently store propane in a 100-pound portable tank. In these portable containers, you can transport the fuel safely and switch it out easily, even in the middle of the lunch rush.
  2. It powers a range of products. Propane provides power for grills, cooktops, fryers, ovens and many other efficient, high-performance appliances.
  3. Propane is U.S.-made and budget-friendly. Nearly all the propane used in our country is domestically produced, so its price tends to be more stable than other fuels.
  4. It’s eco-friendly. Propane contains no methane. It emits virtually no particulate matter and very little carbon dioxide or other oxides. That’s better for the planet and the air quality your patrons and employees enjoy.

Where are propane tanks positioned on a food truck?

Food trucks generally use 100-pound propane tanks. These tanks can be handled by two workers and can power your appliances for several hours. You can attach tanks to food trucks in two ways:

Please be sure to train your employees on how to identify the smell of odorized propane (the smell of rotten eggs, spoiled meat or skunk spray), how to locate your truck’s gas lines and how to contact emergency services to address a propane leak.

Superior Propane has food truck solutions!

If you own or manage a food truck in Northern Arizona, our commercial propane team can work with you to develop a fueling plan that meets your business’s needs. And if you need to refill your truck’s 100-pound tanks quickly and safely, drop by one of our convenient propane refill stations!

Need help getting propane for your food truck fleet? Reach out to Superior Propane today.