The Downsides Of An Electrification Movement

Written By: on June 2, 2021

Learn About Distinct Advantages That Propane Offers Instead!

electrification alternatives arizonaThe electrification movement—or push to utilize solely electric-powered home equipment—has been in the news a lot lately. Several towns, cities, and states are pushing for complete electrification of homes to combat climate change.

While fighting climate change is certainly a worthy cause that we support, electrification isn’t the ideal way to go about it. We’ll show you why propane is a better alternative both environmentally and economically.

You Simply Can’t Count On Electricity

Local and state governments are making their push for electrification of home heating, cooling, and comfort equipment with either expensive and discriminatory incentives, or regulations that are a massive financial burden for homeowners, landlords, and businesses.

These efforts often tend to make zero sense, especially since the nation’s electric infrastructure fails so frequently. Electric infrastructure failure causes huge disruptions of lives and businesses, as well as frustration and discomfort. It is also potentially dangerous when power outages leave homes unheated in the winter season. Just take a look at what happened in Greater Texas this past February as a harsh example.

If you live “off the grid”, electrification means you’ll have to rely on options such as solar electricity for your electric heating, cooling, and comfort equipment. That a major investment and expense.

In fact, the average cost to install solar panels in Arizona is $13,680. For many folks, that means buying on credit, or with a loan.

But You Can Count On Propane!

If the electric infrastructure fails, you face no worries if you have propane.

That’s because your home will stay warm, safe, and comfortable thanks to your propane supply being delivered promptly by Superior Propane Inc. and it being stored in a propane tank right on your property! Conversely, if your home is heated with electricity—which is the agenda being advanced by local and state governments—your home will remain heated during an emergency unless have a backup generator.

Speaking of generators, propane can make sure your home has lights and other necessities because it runs whole-house backup generators. You’ll be able to keep food safely cold or frozen, electronics running, the home security system on, and more!

Propane Is Also Cleaner—And Greener

Did you know that the generation of electricity is the second-largest creator of greenhouse gases in the United States? That’s because most of our electricity supply is generated by coal-fired power plants. Only the transportation sector creates more greenhouse gases.

Propane, on the other hand, is much more clean burning, with nearly zero emissions created.

You can trust Superior Propane for reliable propane delivery and service. Become a customer today!