Will Cold Weather Affect Your Propane Tank?

Written By: on November 13, 2023

A full fuel tank solves a lot of winter problems.

propane tank Kingman, az It’s hard to believe that the year is nearing its end. We’re saying goodbye to pumpkin-spiced coffee and hello to peppermint. Holiday season shopping is revving up in a big way, and the nights are getting chillier. We’re looking at freezing temperatures overnight in northern Arizona, with propane-fired furnaces and space heaters clicking on in homes across our region.

The Superior Propane team is always available to answer your questions about propane, the products that use it and the tanks that store it. Here are some important things to remember regarding your home’s propane tank.

Can propane freeze in your tank?

Technically, propane can freeze — but we can pretty much assure you that it won’t freeze in your home’s tank.

Propane has a freezing point of -306.4°F. For reference, the coldest temperature ever recorded in Arizona was in January 1971, which was -40°F (hotter than propane’s boiling point). In short, if liquid propane is freezing in your tank, we’re facing much bigger problems, weather-wise.

Can cold weather affect your propane system’s performance?

While you don’t need to worry about frozen propane in your tank, you still should be aware of the negative issues that cold temperatures present. Propane contracts when it’s cold. When it’s extremely cold outside, your propane will take up less space inside your tank. This contraction can create a loss of tank pressure. If tank pressure becomes too low, you might face problems with the fuel reaching the burners of your furnace, water heater and other appliances. That’s bad news on a freezing night in the Grand Canyon State.

How can you avoid low propane pressure problems?

The most important thing you can do to ensure proper pressure in your propane tank is to keep it filled to at least 30%. If your tank gauge is at or below 30%, contact Superior Propane right away for a propane delivery before winter arrives in full force. You can avoid calling us altogether by signing up for our free “Keep Full” automatic propane delivery plan. We’ll track your fuel usage and deliver propane before you run low. Automatic delivery can put an end to low tank pressure — and unexpected runouts.

You can take other steps to reduce the likelihood of tank pressure issues in the winter. Don’t let snow build up on your propane tank. When you clear it away, sunlight can reach your tank and keep it warmer. It would help if you also considered turning down your thermostat at night, whenever possible. Your furnace will cycle less often, using less fuel and saving you money in the process!

Trust Superior Propane for your winter fuel needs!

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We want to serve your northern Arizona home this winter and for years to come. Become a Superior Propane customer.