Propane Tank Noises: What They Mean

Written By: on October 5, 2020

Know what to do if you hear these strange sounds

propane tank sounds arizonaThe propane tanks installed by Superior Propane Inc. are top quality. These tanks are manufactured with safety and durability in mind, made with rugged alloy and carbon steel and built to the high standards of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).

But even well-made items can develop problems over their lifespan. That’s especially true when they’re outdoors, exposed to the elements and the northern Arizona climate.
You should have your propane tank professionally inspected regularly. Our propane tank experts are glad to do it for you!

But sometimes, even with regular professional inspections, similar to that we deal with for our motor vehicles, problems may unexpectedly occur. You will often hear those problems in the form of strange sounds coming from your propane tank.

Here are the most common sounds, what they may mean, and what you have to do about it:


No, a rattlesnake has not gotten into your propane tank (though you may want to keep an eye out for one, just in case). That hissing sound you hear is likely propane leaking out of your tank. Two frequent causes of leaks like that are an open bleeder valve or an open relief valve. Whatever the cause, DO NOT try to fix this yourself. Contact Superior Propane right away and we’ll come out to fix it.


This may be an alarming sound for you. That knocking sound is probably being caused by uneven mix of gas and air. To confirm that, look at the pilots on your propane appliances. Are the flames blue with a little yellow on the tip as they should be? If not, that’s a likely sign of an uneven mix of gas and air. If you see anything other than a blue flame with a little yellow on the tip, you need to get in touch with us immediately.

Gurgling or humming

Hear one of these noises? Your propane tank has probably been overfilled, which can cause some serious problems. Overfilling can over-pressure a propane tank, strain the regulator, and decrease propane distribution. You can confirm this by inspecting the pilots on your propane appliance. If the flames are mostly yellow instead of blue, or look weak, overfilling is the likely culprit. Another sign of overfilling is low heat. Contact us right away to get the problem fixed.

Becoming familiar with these potential issues before they ever arise helps keep you informed and in-the-know about one of the most important pieces of equipment in your home. Contact Superior Propane if you ever have any questions about your propane tank or our propane tank services.

Superior Propane has generations of experience in serving the propane needs of homes and businesses here in northern Arizona. We see our customers not just as account numbers in a computer but as our friends and neighbors. With that in mind, we have always maintained the highest standards for safety when it comes to propane delivery and service.