Disposing of Propane Tanks in Arizona

Written By: on February 19, 2024

We can help you get rid of your old propane canisters.

old grill tank Kingman, AZ Portable propane cylinders provide fuel to grills, patio heaters, gas firepits, recreational vehicles and lots of other outdoor products. These 20-pound cylinders allow for a ready supply of propane that’s also easily transportable and refillable (especially at a Superior Propane refill station).

However, there are specific guidelines for the requalification and upkeep of propane cylinders, and it’s crucial that you dispose of any propane cylinder that is no longer safe to use.

When should you dispose of a propane cylinder?

If your propane cylinder is dented or showing signs of excessive corrosion, you should stop using it and dispose of it safely. You should also cease usage of any propane cylinder that you know is leaking. There is a fairly simple at-home leak test you can perform on a grill tank when you attach it to your freestanding grill.

  1. Mix a 50/50 solution of water and dish soap and put it in a spray bottle.
  2. Spray this solution on your grill tank’s valve, as well as your grill’s hose and regulator. If you see bubbling after you open the cylinder valve, there could be a leak.
  3. Close the cylinder valve and tighten all your connections. Reopen the valve and check again. Are bubbles still forming? If so, your cylinder may have a leak.

One key component of ensuring safe propane cylinder usage is keeping up with your cylinder requalification schedule.

What is propane tank requalification?

Portable propane tanks like the one you use for your grill are regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT). Indeed, you might hear people call them DOT tanks. The DOT has specific guidelines for propane cylinder inspection and requalification.

Generally, you are required to have any portable propane cylinder inspected and requalified by an authorized DOT facility 12 years after its manufacture date — then every five years after that. You can typically find the manufacture date on the cylinder’s neck or handle.

Propane refill stations should not fill any propane cylinder they know to be expired.

How can you dispose of a propane cylinder in Northern Arizona?

How you dispose of an old or damaged propane cylinder in Kingman, Flagstaff or other cities and towns that Superior Propane serves depends on your local codes and ordinances. Pretty much all counties in Northern Arizona offer some drop-off locations for old propane containers. For example, Coconino County residents can drop off their cylinders at the Hazardous Products Center in Flagstaff, and Mohave County partners with private businesses to accept these items for disposal.

You should contact your local services department to find out exactly where you should take your old cylinder. You can also reach out to Superior Propane. If we can’t accept the old propane tank, we’ll help you find the proper point of disposal.

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Feel free to contact Superior Propane for information about safely using propane in your home.