What Camper Propane Tank Sizes Are There?

Written By: on May 20, 2024

Superior Propane has fuel for your RV appliances and systems.

propane tank Jerome, AZ What amazing plans do you have for the summer? Many of the Northern Arizona families that Superior Propane serves are getting ready for some exciting adventures in national parks, campgrounds and other fund outdoor destinations. At the center of these plans is that convenient, reliable “home away from home” — a camper.

If you’re getting ready to load family and friends into an RV and hit the American roadways, there are some provisions you need to take care of for a smooth journey. One of these necessities is propane.

Why does a camper need propane?

Propane is the go-to energy source for many of your camper’s appliances and systems, including the following:

Because propane can be compressed for safe transportation as a liquid, it is a useful fuel in recreational vehicles.

What types of RV propane tanks are there?

The type and size of propane tank you use will depend on the kind of RV or camper you have and the propane storage it accommodates.

Larger RVs — like motorhomes — will have an ASME propane tank. ASME stands for American Society of Mechanical Engineers, which sets engineering standards for these tanks. The defining characteristic of an ASME tank is that it is non-removable. These tanks are generally mounted on the outside of the vehicle. (The stationary tanks we install for homes and businesses are ASME tanks, too.)

An ASME tank for an RV might range in size from 20 to 100 pounds. When you need to refill such a tank on your RV or camper, you will need to go to a propane refill station that accommodates vehicles.

Most smaller campers use removable portable propane cylinders called DOT cylinders. DOT stands for Department of Transportation. You can detach these cylinders from your camper to replace or refill them, which gives you greater flexibility when you need more fuel.

Typical sizes for a camper’s DOT propane tank would be 20 pounds (the same size as a propane grill tank), 33 pounds and 40 pounds.

Safety Tips for your Camper’s Propane

Here are some general tips to stay safe on the road with your camper’s propane tanks:

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