Buying vs. Leasing Your Propane Tank

Written By: on August 23, 2021

Save Money and Avoid Hassles With Our Affordable Propane Tank Leasing!

choosing propane tank arizona

There are several reasons you could be shopping for a propane tank for your Northern Arizona home:

If you’ve recently purchased a new home and the sellers had previously leased their propane tank from an propane delivery company, all you need to do is set up a lease with that company if you wish to use them for your propane delivery.

But if you want to use a different propane company, you’ll need to replace the tank. Why is this the case? It’s due to industry regulations where propane companies WILL NOT refill leased tanks from other providers.

Whatever the reason may be for your necessity in a new tank, you have some choices to make—and Superior Propane Inc. is here to help with that.

Why is Leasing Better Than Owning?

As we’ve just touched upon, owning a propane tank makes it possible to choose your propane supplier. Are you unhappy with the service, or want better prices? Changing suppliers is easy because you own your tank outright.

However, when you own your propane tank, upfront costs are nearly always more expensive—and all the responsibility for maintenance and repairs are solely on you.

If your propane tank is old, in bad condition, or no longer large enough to meet your needs, YOU are on the hook to handle all installation, replacement, or repair costs—which can quite easily reach a thousand dollars and higher. And then you must factor those recurring costs over its full lifespan.

There’s an easy way to avoid all of this. Take the hassles and cost out of owning a propane tank by leasing one from Superior Propane Inc.!

When leasing your propane tank from Superior Propane Inc., WE handle the maintenance, repairs, and propane delivery for you.

And before we install your propane tank, we’ll make sure that you’re getting a properly sized tank for your needs—and help to install any appliances you may want to bring onboard alongside it. Plus, we’ll also look to find you any available equipment rebates you may qualify for—it can add up to some sweet additional savings!

Our propane tanks are of the highest quality, installed by our knowledgeable and experienced service technicians. With our Keep Full automatic propane delivery, you’ll have peace of mind that you’ll always have the propane you need to keep your home comfortable. Our Keep Full customers also get a discount of 10 cents per gallon!

Need a propane tank? Superior Propane Inc. has you covered with expert installation and worry-free leasing no matter where your home or business is in Northern Arizona. Contact us today to get started.