What Businesses Use Propane Autogas?

Written By: on October 2, 2023

Propane is an eco-friendly, efficient alternative to gasoline or diesel.

autogas service Jerome, az It’s not exactly news to say that gasoline and diesel prices have been on a roller-coaster in recent years. Unfortunately, the pricing ride has been more up than down.

Refinery production dropped because of lower fuel demand in the early months of COVID-19, but when demand spiked later, the supply of gas and diesel couldn’t keep up. Similarly, we saw almost all U.S. energy prices surge in 2022 when Russia invaded Ukraine, and Russian oil supplies were cut off from the U.S.

Propane, as a predominately American-made fuel, is more insulated from global energy markets (though not completely immune to bumps in energy prices). You can typically count on propane prices to be more stable and lower than gas or diesel.

This makes propane autogas more appealing to commercial enterprises and municipalities in Flagstaff, Sedona, Prescott, Willimas and elsewhere in northern Arizona. And Superior propane can help you get started.

What is propane autogas?

Propane autogas is an alternative to gasoline, diesel or electricity for powering light-, medium- and heavy-duty vehicles. The propane is in a pressurized tank like the one used in a home. Then, pressure is relieved to allow the fuel to enter the autogas engine for combustion. According to the Alternative Fuels Data Center, about 60,000 autogas vehicles are on U.S. roads right now.

What are the benefits of autogas?

As mentioned, propane autogas costs less per gallon than gasoline or diesel. While propane generates slightly less energy per gallon than gasoline, this price differential still makes autogas a great financial choice.

Propane-powered engines also traditionally have lower maintenance costs and a longer service life because of less carbon and oil contamination.

Then, there are the environmental benefits of autogas. Autogas produces 20% less carbon monoxide, 40% fewer nitrogen oxides and 10% less carbon dioxide than diesel or gasoline. This is better for the planet and the air quality around these vehicles.

From a safety perspective, autogas also outpaces gasoline or diesel, which can spill and contaminate soil and groundwater. By contrast, propane is nontoxic and will evaporate in the rare event of a leak.

Which industries and sectors use propane autogas?

As you can imagine, more and more sectors are choosing propane autogas as a safer, cleaner and more affordable vehicle-fuel option. These sectors include:

There are also public and municipal uses for autogas, including city and school buses, public works vehicles and police cruisers.

Superior Propane sets users up with autogas service.

Do you need another reason to switch to propane autogas? How about saying goodbye to gas and diesel pumps?

Superior Propane can set you up with on-site propane autogas storage and vehicle-filling equipment, then arrange a bulk propane delivery schedule so you are never without fuel. That means your drivers won’t need to line up at a service station, and you can stop reconciling receipts all the time.

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