Why Should I Enroll In A Budget Plan For My Fuel Costs?

Written By: on April 19, 2021

Our Convenient Budget Plan Makes Things Easy.

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Time is running out for your opportunity to enroll in Superior Propane’s Budget Plan!

Unfamiliar with our plan? Our Budget Plan makes managing your propane costs easy as pie! Think about how you pay your propane costs now. Perhaps you pay for how much propane you use each month. That means that if you use propane for home heating, your costs are likely much higher in the winter months. It puts you in a tight spot where you have to pay more just when it’s least affordable: around the holidays and tax season.

Not knowing how much your propane bill will be each month also makes it hard to plan your household spending. Underestimating could mean eating a whole lot of ramen noodles the next month to even things back out!

Our Budget Plan, however, gets rid of all those worries! Your propane costs are spread out over 12 easy, affordable monthly payments. You will always know how much you’ll pay each month.

Pricing And Payment Options That Work For You

The Budget Plan isn’t the only option Superior Propane offers to help you control your propane costs.

Something else you can enroll in is our Pre-Buy plan. You purchase your supply of propane and the set price is the price you’ll pay for propane as long as the supply lasts. No surprises, no spikes.

Our Easy Plan is work-free and worry-free, too! Once you enroll, your monthly payments are automatically deducted from your credit card or EFT. You don’t have to remember to make a payment—or worry that you didn’t. You don’t have to worry about it the mail taking too long to get your payment to us, either.

Another bonus of the Easy Plan is that if you use your credit card and it has a points-based rewards program, using it to pay your Superior Propane bill earns you those rewards faster!

For those who want to monitor their propane costs more closely, we also offer online bill pay. With an online account, you can pay your bills and review statements and delivery records anywhere—and any time—you have an internet connection. It’s super easy!

Have questions about our Budget Plan and other pricing and payment options? Get in touch with us. We’re happy to help you!