Propane Grill Tips For Barbecue Safety

Written By: on August 8, 2022

4 Ways to Keep Your Propane-Powered Cookout Safe & Fun

grill safety arizonaWhether in the sweltering height of summer or the refreshing early days of autumn, families in northern Arizona love to grill out. And nothing makes a barbecue sizzle quite like propane!

Propane offers no-stress flames, superior temperature control, and odor-free cooking that lets the taste of your food and seasoning shine through. Unlike charcoal, there’s no dousing of embers or messy clean-up when you’re finished cooking.

If you’re one of the 61 percent of U.S grill owners who use propane, Superior Propane Inc. has you covered. We supply 11 propane refill stations throughout the greater Flagstaff, Williams, Prescott and Sedona region. You can find one near you!

We also want you to stay safe during your cookouts. Here are four essential tips to avoid hazards while working your propane grill:

1. Keep Your Grill on Level Ground and Separated

It’s never safe to have your barbecue on unstable or unlevel ground. You should also ensure it’s in an open-air environment where carbon monoxide won’t accumulate.

Finally, ensure that your grill is several feet away from the siding of your home and anything that could ignite from its flames, like trees, shrubs, or fences.

2. Leak Test Your Propane Cylinder and Connection.

It’s easy to perform a leak test at home, and it’s vital for a safe grilling environment. Here are the steps to take:

  1. Spray your cylinder, hose and connections with a leak-detecting solution or soapy water.
  2. Open the cylinder valve.
  3. If you see bubbles, tighten your fittings and rerun the test.
  4. If you still see bubbles, the cylinder, tubes or connections will need to be replaced or repaired.

3. Be Careful Transporting and Storing Cylinders

Propane is relatively easy to transport and store, but you need to be careful in how you transport and store cylinders. Refill or exchange your cylinder right before heading home so you don’t leave them in a hot vehicle. Make sure the cylinder is braced correctly in your truck bed or backseat. Don’t let it roll around. If the cylinder is inside your car, keep windows open for ventilation.
Finally, whether transporting or storing cylinders—and regardless of whether they’re empty or filled—keep them upright. Store additional cylinders away from your grill and other flame or spark-producing appliances.

4. NEVER Leave a Lit Grill Unattended!

Before you light the grill, confirm you have everything you need, including utensils, plates, sauces, and a glass of lemonade. Once you start cooking, stay close to attend to flare-ups or other safety concerns. And importantly—you should never allow children to play around your barbecue at any time.

Superior Propane Inc. can help you supercharge your outdoor fun with a variety of propane-powered products. To get started, drop us a line today.