Autogas: Superior Propane Inc. Will Fuel Your Fleet!

Written By: on July 13, 2020

Want clean, green, efficient fuel? Look no further than autogas!

fueling a fleet arizonaConcerns about the environment continue to grow. In the face of trying to slow climate change and other environmental damage, there have been increasing efforts to find viable options to the two big traditional motor fuels: gasoline and diesel.

One option that is growing in popularity is propane autogas. And Superior Propane Inc., is the area’s leader in supplying autogas! The Alternative Fuels Data Center reports that 60% of the vehicles in the country that use an alternative fuel run on autogas. If your business has outfitted their fleet to run on this fuel, you’re in luck! We can easily set up propane autogas tanks, and even on-location filling station at your business. You’ll save time and money on fueling costs!

Autogas and business: A perfect pair

It’s not just cars that are being powered by autogas. Fleet trucks, forklifts, lawnmowers and farm tractors are powered on it as well. It is the third most popular vehicle fuel, next to gasoline and diesel.

Business owners are surprised at the cost-effectiveness of converting to autogas. It’s not as expensive as they feared. Also, they get a return on their investment right away. How? First, their vehicles suffer less wear and tear, leading to less overall maintenance and fewer repairs than vehicles run on traditional diesel or gasoline. Coinciding with that, they’ll extend their shelf lives, lasting longer, and lowering equipment costs.

Using autogas gives businesses a leg up with potential customers who prioritize environmental concerns. Businesses that make the switch to autogas may even qualify for a tax break!

School districts all over northern Arizona are discovering the benefits of converting their school buses to autogas.

And they’re part of a national trend. It’s estimated that nearly 15,000 propane-powered buses in the country are transporting nearly one million children to school each day during the school year, and that number keeps rising.

Propane is also better for the environment all of us live in. When you compare the old diesel buses with the new autogas buses, the buses fueled by propane autogas:

Parents and school district leaders can also breathe easy when it comes to safety. Buses fueled with propane autogas are crash-tested for impact in the side and rear, and meet rigorous motor vehicle safety standards.

Contact us today to learn more about our autogas services, and how they a make a positive impact on your business – and its bottom-line! We’ve had four generations to perfect this approach to doing business, going back to our family’s roots in the propane business in Northern California. Superior Propane Inc. is the fuel supplier you can trust!